Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Getting old: another birthday

So, 90% of the way to 30. This time last year, I was enjoying my mid-twenties watching world cup rugby in Paris. This year I was meant to be sunning myself on a weekend trip to the Italian coast, but due to an unplanned change in personal circumstances, I ended up sunning myself in London. Yes people, the sun actually came out on a day that begins with S. Twice.

The celebrations kicked off with a fashionably disastrous bowling night. Only in North London (or perhaps South London) would you be frisked upon entering a bowling alley. Still, the unexpected grope was well worth it for the cheese factor of Rowans bowling emporium and leisure centre, complete with DJ and a dance floor that really fired up after midnight. Congrats must go to Mel - winner of the bowling comp, proving that wii is no substitute for the real thing, Mark - air hockey champion, proving that even a child's game can be turned violent and foul-mouthed, and Nick - for the fruit tingle drink, proving that 3 wrongs can make a right.

The big day itself was spent making the most of the sun: american football in the park with some mates in the morning, followed by riding around the one-day-only cycle friendly streets of London, and capped off by sneaking in to (sort of) one of the corporate schmooze tents and enjoying their free booze and cheese cake. Oh, and I saw Boris Johnson (he looks even more ridiculous in person). Thanks also to my flatmate for cooking up a healthy dinner to make up for all the junk eaten while bowling.

After such a pleasant weekend, it's been a bit of a come-down. I'm now waking up to my 'late-twenties' status, and figure I should start making and checking off some sort of 'before I'm 30' list. I imagine these lists tend to have things like:
  • get a degree: check. Twice. and a bit. Don't mention a PhD though.
  • learn a second language: check. Although I'm finding that courses on French linguistics aren't that useful in everyday conversation. I should have taken "FRNC4601: How to console someone after a break-up."
  • represent Australia at sport: check. It counts!
  • move to a different city: check. Although after a year in Canberra I came scurrying back.
  • move to a different country: check. Although the jury's out on whether it was a good idea - scurrying is still an option.
  • find love and settle down: yeah, well, see the point above.
  • find a job that you love: Baaahahahahahaha!
  • buy a house: stop it, I'm laughing too hard!
  • save the world: not likely, although my mother keeps telling me I should. I'm not sure it's worth saving.
  • kill a man: check. sort of.

Anyone out there got suggestions for the list?


NADS said...


Save the world - easy benevolent dictatorship is the only way.

Kill a Man - Who? Mercilessly ridiculing Mad Mark doesnt count.

Pat said...

You know you've got my support when the time is right!

Click the link (on 'sort of') - or can you not access it from outside the UK? It's still good from my side.

Anonymous said...

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