Friday, 9 March 2007

The 'pie is back!

Blogging... the latest literary frontier... personal publishing for the pleb... a multitude of voices, and probably no-one listening... I've been told (thanks Emma) that a successful, sponsored blog can replace a 9 to 5 job. Now, I'm not exactly wedded to the cubicle life, so to maximise the number of hits, I should be writing about a CONSPIRACY THEORY that 9-11 was the brainchild of the pharmaceutical industry, who recognised that times of national distress lead to more SEX in the population, and needed to engineer such a disaster to bolster the sales of VIAGRA. I should probably have a mention of FREE NUDE PICS too...Unfortunately, that's not what I'm writing about. This is really just an alternative to cluttering your inboxes with the scintillating wit of my emails telling you all what an amazing time I'm having over here... or more accurately, it'll be a pedestrian account of my travels and travails in London, and should give me a chance to vent my frustrations about living in England.



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