Monday, 16 November 2009

Battling On

It seemed tmafaopie was in the final stages of blog death. I hadn't posted in a while, no-one had even noticed, and if I'm brutally honest, I'd started to see other blogs... but like the plot of a French art-house film, the dalliance with a blog mistress re-kindled my passion for my long-standing partner so with any luck, tmafaopie should make a full recovery. I know you've both given up reading the blog, but it's more about keeping a record of stuff I've done so that my future, dementia-riddled self will have something to look back on... and read as though I've never seen it before.
Coming up, you can expect some reports on (links will go live once written):
In the meantime, you can catch up on my London-based shenanigans over at londonist - most definitely the best London blog with me on the writing team (I never said I'd given up the mistress!)


Feeling Fuzzy? said...

Welcome back! You're lukcy you're on my blogger feed... I'd given up on you altogether!


Feeling Fuzzy? said...

And I meant lucky obviously. Darn it!

Pat said...

Wow - even the audience is back! I've gotta say Souzou is a lot easier on the retinal palate since you switched to green. That Yumi is clearly a good influence on you.

Anonymous said...

In a happy, though somewhat disconcerting, coincidence I'm back too. Though I'm hoping the affair that left me distracted, tired and always too late to read the posts when they were still warm, is over. - Dyalan.