Monday, 28 April 2008

Mark's telegram for Nath and Emma - UNCENSORED

For those who know Mark, they would have been able to tell that the telegram from him I read had been censored for public consumption. Here it is in its full glory...

Hello Nathan and Emma, congratulations. From the first moment I saw you two together, although I was busy throwing Oporto chips at cars, I could tell it was love. You complement eachother so well, Emma is bright, full of life and has great taste in music, Nathan has... well.. (Pause) great friends like me! Although I can't be there today I feel like the spirit of the occasion is inside of me, much like Nathan was inside of me many times before you met.

And no thanks to Jono for finding this xkcd gem of a wedding toast after the event. I would have used it, I swear.

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